4D Movie Theater

4D Movie Theater

Experience large-scale disasters close to reality in a theater.

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Maximum Viewers

50 people

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15 Min.

1st – 10:10

2nd – 10:40

3rd – 11:10

4th – 11:40

5th – 14:10

6th – 14:40

7th – 15:10

8th - 15:40

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About the theater

Place to experience 4D movies with various special effects


The sinkhole youtube
The sinkhole

A sinkhole suddenly appears when a firefighter’s family is on the way to vacation. The family falls into the sinkhole, but eventually overcomes the disaster that shakes the whole city. The story lets us appreciate our safe daily routines.

The day meteors fell from the sky youtube
The day meteors fell from the sky

A story of ordinary people dramatically overcoming a disaster through cooperation and volunteering in a disaster situation that suddenly occurs when meteors fall from the sky.