Welcome to the Gyeonggi-do National Safety Experience Center website.

Disasters are becoming more complex and large-scale day by day.

To improve people’s ability to respond to crises and establish a safety culture in everyday life, Gyeonggi-do became one with the Ministry of Public Administration and Security and Osan City to open the “Gyeonggi-do National Safety Experience Center.”

Our safety experience center is the largest safety experience facility in the country, covering safety awareness programs that include, child safety, fire safety, traffic safety, and industrial safety, and are running both face-to-face and non-face-to-face education in line with the trends of times.

The safy experience center is open to everyone, from children to adults, the disabled, the elderly, and foreigners.
Our Safety Experience is for everyone from children to adults, including the disabled, the elderly, and foreigners, with no one left out.

In addition, by establishing 「CPR Training Institute」, 「Industrial Safety Experience Training Center」, and 「Children’s safety Education institution」 we will faithfully fulfill our role as a part of the specialized disaster and safety institution.

Through the development of specialized safety awareness programs and continuous capacity building of training staffs,we will continue to strive to improve the satisfaction of our visitors.

Thank you.

From the Gyeonggi-do National Safety Experience Center staffs.